Unlimited People

Permanent Founding Artists:

Clare Duffy, Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe

Permanent Staff:

Original Founder Members:

Louisa Ashley, Clare Duffy, Liz Margree, Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe, Paul Warwick

Board of Directors:

Alison Andrews, David Nicholson, Emma Roe (Chair), Mark Hollander, Peter Robinson

ALISON ANDREWS (Artist + Academic)
Alison makes theatre, teaches performance and develops arts projects.  She studied at the Workshop Theatre in Leeds and started touring devised theatre as part of a co-operative, before making solo work, and founding A Quiet Word. This is an association of artists who have worked together since 1998, including story tellers, choreographers, musicians and magicians, creating performance pieces with people in the places where they live, work and study. Between 2002 and 2010 she was Performing Arts Officer at Arts Council England in the Yorkshire regional office, supporting circus, street arts, carnival, interdisciplinary practice and international work.  Alongside performing, she is Programme Associate for Ludus Festival Leeds, developing a biennial international programme of contemporary performance for the city with Leeds University.  She is delighted to be part of the Unlimited team.

DAVID NICHOLSON (Head of Organisational Development at SAFRAN Nacelles)
David has been working in the field of organisational development for over ten years, focusing on supporting individual and organisational change through developing better relationships between people and their environments. He currently heads the Organisational Capability team for the UK’s leading financial outsource provider, delivering leadership development, performance management, internal communication and culture change initiatives for over 1200 people across the UK. Now based in North Yorkshire, he started his career teacher training in Poland, where his love of theatre was ignited by appearing in vodka-fuelled pantomimes.

PETE ROBINSON (Global Head of Research at Dubit)
Pete is an experienced consultant, specialising in new technology, kids entertainment, ethical marketing to kids and education (and where possible screwing all those things together). 

He is a regular speaker at research and kids entertainment conferences on topics such as media consumption, digital trends, social media, video consumption, entertainment brand strategy and wider children’s media habits.

EMMA ROE (Partner, Shulmans LLP)
Emma Roe is a Leeds-based lawyer specialising in commercial contracts and intellectual property rights.  Her work sees her helping her clients to make the most of their efforts by protecting and commercialising their creative output.  Emma also specialises in data protection compliance, helping companies and people find their way through the minefield of handling personal data.

Associate Artists, Scientists, Collaborators:

  • Matt Angove: Sound Designer (Money the gameshow)
  • Suzanne Ahmet: Performer (The Moon The Moon, Mission To Mars)
  • Clare Barrett: Performer (Mission To Mars)
  • Sarah Belcher: Performer (Zero Degrees & Drifting, The Swing Left)
  • Gemma Brockis: Performer (Tangle, The Moon The Moon in devpt)
  • Eleanor Carter: Stage/Company Manager (The Moon The Moon)
  • Helen Cassidy: Performer (The Moon The Moon)
  • Tim Chipping: Performer (The Moon The Moon)
  • Ed Collier: Associate Producer (Tangle, Shades, No Brave World) and Production Photography on all our earlier shows.
  • Coney (The Astro Science Challenge)
  • Richard Davenport: Production Photography
  • Dr Jacob Dunningham: Consultant Scientist and Artistic Associate (Ethics of Progress)
  • Ellie Duck: Stage/Production Management: (The Moon The Moon, Mission To Mars, You Have Been Upgraded)
  • Steven Dykes: Writer/Director (The Swing Left); Artistic Associate (Tangle)
  • Andy Edwards: Graphic Designer (Static, Clean, Neutrino, Safety, Tangle)
  • David Edwards: composer (The Moon The Moon, Mission To Mars, The Giant &The Bear, Money the gameshow, The Noise)
  • Alex Elliott: Performer (The Moon The Moon in devpt, Mission To Mars)
  • Lucy Ellinson: Performer (Tangle, The Swing Left, The Moon The Moon in devpt, Mission To Mars, Money the Gameshow)
  • David Farley: Designer (Could it Be Magic?, Zero Degrees & Drifting)
  • Brian Ferguson: Performer (Money the gameshow)
  • Gareth Fry: Sound Designer (Zero Degrees & Drifting, Tangle, The Swing Left, The Noise)
  • Helen Goalen: Performer (The Noise in devpt)
  • Richard Godin: Lighting Designer (Money the Gameshow)
  • Chris Goode: Artistic Associate (Scream If You Want to Go Faster, Neutrino, Could It Be Magic?, Zero Degrees & Drifting)
  • Abbi Greenland: Performer (The Noise in devpt; You Have Been Upgraded)
  • Colin Grenfell: Lighting Designer (Tangle)
  • Professor Tim Griffiths: Consultant Scientist (The Noise)
  • Guy Hoare: Lighting Designer (Could It Be Magic?, Zero Degrees & Drifting)
  • Amy Hodge: Associate Director (Ethics of Progress, Am I Dead Yet?), Assistant Director (Tangle)
  • Dr Gail Iles: Consultant Scientist (Mission To Mars), Associate Artist (Dirty Pop Up Dating)
  • Rhys Jarman: Designer (The Moon The Moon, Mission To Mars, Money the gameshow, The Noise, You Have Been Upgraded)
  • Alexander Kelly: Designer (Static, Clean, Neutrino); Designer and Artistic Associate (Tangle)
  • Jess Latowicki: Performer/deviser (Look, I See You)
  • Sebastian Lawson: Performer (Mission To Mars, The Giant & The Bear)
  • Pete Malkin: Sound Designer (Am I Dead Yet?)
  • Dr Denis McKeown: Consultant Scientist (The Noise)
  • Alex Murray: Graphic Designer (Shades, Zero Degrees & Drifting, The Moon The Moon)
  • Dr Andrew Newsam: Consultant Scientist (Mission To Mars)
  • Ben Pacey: Lighting Designer (mixtape, The Moon The Moon, Mission To Mars)
  • Tessa Parr: Performer (Play Dough; Look, I See You)
  • Elena Pena: Sound Designer (You Have Been Upgraded; The Astro Science Challenge)
  • Simon Perkins: Stage Management (Money the Gameshow, The Noise, Play Dough, Am I Dead Yet?)
  • Mic Pool: Video Design (Ethics of Progress); Sound Designer (The Moon The Moon, The Giant & The Bear); Sound and Video (Mission To Mars)
  • Layla Rosa: Artistic Associate (Mission To Mars, The Giant & The Bear)
  • Stuart Ryan: Performer (Money the Gameshow; Play Dough; Look, I See You)
  • Takis: Designer (Am I Dead Yet?)
  • Tim Skelly: Lighting Designer (Static, Clean, Neutrino, Safety, The Giant & The Bear) and Artistic Associate (Tangle)
  • Slung Low (Look, I See You)
  • A Smith: Artistic Associate (Tangle)
  • Tassos Stevens: Artistic Associate (The Moon The Moon, The Astro Science Challenge)
  • Tom Bowtell: Artistic Associate (The Moon The Moon, The Astro Science Challenge)
  • Professor Vlatko Vedral: Consultant Scientist and Artistic Associate (Tangle, Ethics of Progress)
  • Yusra Warsama: Performer (The Astro Science Challenge)
  • Katharine Williams: Lighting Designer (The Noise; You Have Been Upgraded; Am I Dead Yet?; Play Dough)