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Performances: No planned performances.

Duration: 60mins

For ages: 12+

Who's the show for? People of (nearly) all ages with a curious mind who enjoy a good story and want an inspiring introduction to quantum physics

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written in consultation with Professor Vlatko Vedral

Funded by Arts Council of England, Oxford Playhouse, Leeds Met Studio Theatre, Institute of Physics

A co-production with Oxford Playhouse and Leeds Met Studio Theatre

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

  • Written by Jon Spooner, Chris Thorpe and Clare Duffy
  • Directed by Amy Hodge and Jon Spooner
  • Design + Visuals by Mic Pool
  • Associate Artist and Consultant: Professor Vlatko Vedral

“The Ethics of Progress” was our mind-melting, jargon-free, whistle stop tour of leading edge Quantum Physics in which….

…Creative Director Jon Spooner told the story of how his understanding of the world and everything in was radically altered by conversations with Professor Vlatko Vedral, Professor of Quantum Information at Oxford University. We met him during the writing process for another show called Tangle, and he re-programmed our heads explaining how the world doesn’t work in the ways we’d always assumed it did.

Inspired by Vlatko’s research and with support from Oxford Playhouse and Leeds Met Studio Theatre we made a show that explores the imagined, actual, ethical, political, religious and philosophical impacts of leading edge research in Quantum Physics. There were jokes too…

Jon invited his audience to consider how current developments in science-that-ain’t-fiction will irretrievably change the world as we currently view it. By avoiding jargon and explaining in straightforward terms the concepts of Superposition, Wave Particle Duality, Quantum Entanglement and Teleportation, ETHICS… pushed theoretical physics into real life situations and imagined the world as it might be in the not-too-distant future.

Welcome to the future. We hope we’ll make it.

“The thing about the future is, by the time it happens, it’s already too late…..”

Mind-blowing stuff

- The Scotsman

I went in with a heavy heart thinking the subject would be over my head. I came out wanting to help change the world. Brilliant.

- The Guardian

I cannot understate how much I approve of this show... I was tempted to have children just so that I could take them... It all works very, very well... Slick, smart and non-patronising The Ethics of Progress is proof positive that the art of the intellectual talk can be brought to the mainstream to enthuse and entertain, and can even sneak some education in through the back door.

- The Daily Info, Oxford

News for this show

SciFest Africa 2012

I have never been to South Africa before. I have never been to a science festival before. I suppose this means that I didn’t really have any expectations.

The journey to Grahamstown was long and truncated. Our flights were cancelled at Heathrow, which meant that it was almost a miracle we were able to walk into the 1820 Settlers’ Monument on Friday morning with the two bags of kit that allowed Jon to perform The Ethics of Progress and for me to set up Space Camp. I ...

April Update...

A quick update on all things Unlimited for this month of April. A month in which we begin a new stage of our adventure as a company in the Arts Council's new National Portfolio...

Mostly, we're in the middle of making a major new show for imove (Yorkshire's Cultural programme for London 2012) which is part of the the official London 2012 Festival. A collaboration between ourselves, the brilliant circus artist Layla Rosa of Shunt and game design studio Hide&Seek, The Giant & The Bear is a Theatre+Circus ...

Inspiring Children...

This month (which has been a properly EXTRAORDINARY month) I presented a paper at the International Astronautical Conference in Cape Town titled:

Artists & Scientists – Experimenting Together:
Inspiring primary school children about space and science using art and play

It tells the story of the ride we've been on so far with the Unlimited Space Agency and what our plans are for the future and I wondered if some of you might be interested. So here follows the words and some of the pictures that made up ...

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