Show dates: Autumn 2018

Performances: TBC

Duration: TBC

For ages: TBC

Who's the show for? People interested in biotechnologies, human enhancement and the ethical issues that surround it.

in Collaboration with Rash Dash

A co-production with HOME, Manchester

The technology of the future is being developed, in part, by very intelligent and/or very well funded people who believe that death is just a technical glitch and immortality is genuinely possible.

The human being is being upgraded.

This is terrifying and exciting and it’s coming – whether we like it or not. A new race of superhuman is on the horizon. Technology has become the biggest single driver of political and social change.

Two of the UK’s most thoughtful, inspiring and consistently brilliant theatre companies come together to imagine the implications of real world, leading edge developments in human enhancement technologies. Working with leading scientists and researchers in the fields of brain implants, cognitive enhancing drugs, artificial intelligence, advanced prosthetics and other biotechnologies, Unlimited and RashDash investigate what it means to have and be a body now and what we might become in the future. 

Co-authored by the core artists of both companies and working with a diverse cast of disabled and non-disabled performers, Future Bodies smashes together science fact and fiction in a kaleidoscopic montage of words, music and movement.