Show dates: Touring to festivals throughout summer & autumn 2017 - see below for full details.

Performances: Various performance dates & times - see below for full details.

Duration: 30 minutes

For ages: 7+

Who's the show for? Families, science enthusiasts, comedy & storytelling fans, festival-goers and contemporary theatre audiences.

co-commissioned by Without Walls; The Civic, Barnsley; Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

an Unlimited Theatre production

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

Written and Performed by Jon Spooner and Mini Jon Designed by Rhys Jarman Sound Design by Elena Pena Lights & Video by Josh Pharo Stage and Technical Management by Simon Perkins Technical Associates Sarah Readman & Dan Balfour Costume Supervisor Verity Sadler

Unlimited’s artistic director Jon Spooner has always wanted to go to space.

“Ever since I was 7 years old and watched NASA launch its first Space Shuttle mission and I saw how beautiful the Earth looked from all the way above it, up there looking down… since then, it has been my dream to go there too.”

How I Hacked My Way Into Space tells the frankly, bizarre inspirational story of a 43 year old man’s midlife crisis creative adventure to hack his way into space from his garden shed in England, via the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, to Johnson Space Centre in Houston Texas and a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Touring to:

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, London 23-25 June FREE | Fri 6.30pm, Sat 2pm & 4.30pm, Sun 12.30pm & 3.05pm
Winchester Hat Fair 30 June – 2 July FREE | Fri 1.45pm & 5pm, Sat 2pm & 5pm
Blue Dot @ Jodrell Bank 8-9 July | Sat & Sun 12pm & 4pm
Talks: Fri 4pm Justin Bray | Sat 11am Damien Trinh | Sat 4pm Monique Henson | Sun 11am Ben Shaw | Sun 4pm Minnie Mao
Latitude Festival, Suffolk 13-16 July | Thurs 7.30pm, Fri 11am & 4pm (talk at 12noon), Sat 11am & 3pm (talk at 12noon), Sun talk at 1pm
Underneath the Stars, Yorkshire 21-23 July | Fri 4pm & 6.30pm | Sat 12 noon & 4pm
Just So Festival, Cheshire 18-20 August | Sat & Sun 11am & 5pm (talks at 2pm)
Festival No 6, Portmeirion 8-10 September | Fri & Sat 12 noon & 2pm (talk at 3.30pm) | Sun 11.30am & 1.30pm (talk at 3.30pm)
Out There Festival, Great Yarmouth 16-17 September FREE | Sat 1.15pm & 3.45pm | Sun 1.45pm & 3.30pm
Lincoln Pop Out Arts Festival 28-30 September FREE | Fri 12noon & 5.45pm, Sat 11am & 12.30pm
Manchester Science Festival 27-28 October FREE | Fri & Sat 12.30pm & 4pm

How I Hacked My Way Into Space is a show about technology and art coming together, the power of stories to create new realities and the thin lines between obsession and madness. It’s about the glorious possibilities for scientists and artists to work together and how even the smallest person can make a difference and achieve their seemingly impossible dreams.

Jon shared his genuine joy of space exploration, and told his delightful story to an enthralled audience.

- Audience member at Latitude Festival

A brilliantly funny, real life tale of one man’s quest to achieve the seemingly impossible... captivated both children and adults.


It was amazing, brilliantly educational. It brought a tear to my eye.

- Mum with four children