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Performances: No planned performances.

Duration: 90 minutes

For ages: 14+

Who's the show for? Risk Takers, Risk Averse, Game Players, Play Watchers...

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Supported by the Simon Gray Award. Originally developed as part of the Platform 18: New Directions Award, supported by The Arches, Traverse Theatre and National Theatre of Scotland. Autumn 2014 tour presented as part of REACH, a project bringing new theatre to the North East, managed by ARC Stockton and Dep Arts Ltd and funded by Arts Council England.

A co-production with The Bush Theatre

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

Written and directed by: Clare Duffy Assistant Director: Jenna Watt Performed by: Suzanne Robertson (Queenie) and Stuart Ryan (Casino) Designer: Rhys Jarman Lighting Designer: Richard Godin Sound Designer: Matt Angove Original Music by: David Edwards Stage Management by: Simon Perkins


Casino and Queenie used to be hedge fund managers. Before the financial crisis of 2008, that is. Now, in an inspired – or desperate – career move, they’ve turned to performance art to share their stories of how to make (and lose) billions from economic downturn.

Playing with £10,000 in actual pound coins, audiences were invited to bet long, short or hedge, as Casino and Queenie guided them through a series of interactive games that demonstrated how the world’s economic system came to the precipice of collapse.

So, risk takers to the front, risk averse to the back. Welcome to MONEY the game show.

We teamed up with The Bush Theatre to take a playful and politically sharp look at the roots of the 2008 financial crisis and its ongoing impact, as well as tackling the bigger questions: What is money? What is it worth? What happens when we stop believing in it?

Reviews: The Guardian – The Scotsman – New Statesman – Financial Times – The New York Times

Try the Bush’s Money Personality Quiz to find out what kind of spender you are – and why you might need MONEY the game show in your life…

This playful, thoughtful and riotously entertaining piece is right on the money... a chilling reminder of how easily the pound in your pocket could be worth nothing at all. ****

- The Guardian

The interactive element is brilliantly conceived, capturing the thrilling adrenal kick of competition and gambling.

- New Statesman

A brightly apocalyptic guide to the way of all lucre during the last couple of decades... It makes you, as a participant in its games, feel silly, sordid and finally scared. It also provides the most ingenious and sobering explanation I’ve come across for the current fascination with zombies in our culture.

- Ben Brantley, Chief Theatre Critic New York Times

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Play Dough Arc Residency

For the last day of my residency I’m sitting in my little room in Arc, Stockton-upon-Tees. In an hour I will go and watch Hannah Nicklin @hannahnicklin rehearse her punk songs of the streets of Stockton. There is someone smoking below my room and the delicious smell of tobacco wafts in and out on the cool breeze. It’s a very sunny day in Stockton today and although I have given up smoking this reminds me how much I love it and how it makes me sick at the same time. ...

Tell Us What You Thought of MONEY the gameshow

There were some performances of MONEY the gameshow where we didn't have paper forms to give out at the end of the show so that you could tell us what you thought of it.

We've set up a very short questionnaire on Survey Monkey so if you would like to tell us what you thought we'd be super grateful.

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Shares in Money the game show now on sale

See your pound on stage...

At 0800 this morning, an Initial Public Offering of 10,000 shares in Money the game show was made available to the general public.

Each share costs £1. Maximum ONE share per investor. Shares are available for purchase until end of trading on 13 April 2013. Which is, coincidentally, the last day of the tour for Money the game show.

By buying a share you own absolutely nothing but you will get to vote at the AGM (scheduled for 23 August 2013) on ...

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