Show dates: The Moon The Moon toured March-June 2009

Performances: Not currently available for booking. No current performances.

Duration: 90mins

For ages: 14+

Who's the show for? Anyone who's loved and lost and likes a story where you have to work out what's "real"...

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A co-production with Curve, Leicester

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

Written by Clare Duffy, Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe Cast: Suzanne Ahmet, Helen Cassidy, Tim Chipping and Jon Spooner Director: Jon Spooner Associate Director: Elgiva Field Designer: Rhys Jarman Lighting Designer: Ben Pacey Sound Designer: Mic Pool Original Music by David Edwards


A man stands on the edge, at the shoreline. He’s holding a plastic bag that steams with the Christmas dinner he’s made – even though it’s February. It’s going dark.

He thinks he’ll walk across the water to see his wife’s family – maybe ask for their forgiveness. He thinks he’s been driving, alone, for months, living in his camper van. He thinks the Moon has been following him. On some nights, he thinks they talk to each other.

And someone finds him there, tells him they can help him and they take him in. And now he’s locked in a cellar, wearing someone else’s pyjamas, and he doesn’t  know anymore if he’s been kidnapped or is being looked after. And the Moon is still with him, singing to him, desperate for him to join her.

There is no more time. You have to choose. Stay here and let them heal you. Or go with the Moon, and live…..

As beautiful and as enigmatic as the moon itself... a company that has always combined infinite thoughtfulness with theatrical flair.

- The Guardian

By turns funny, shocking, daring and never less than brilliantly acted.... The writing is dense and poetic and the whole experience rewarding. The Moon The Moon is theatre at its absolute best. *****


A brilliant piece of work from this highly original company

- The Journal

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Show music...

Our brilliant long term collaborator David Edwards aka Minotaur Shock, who wrote all the original music for The Moon The Moon and Mission To Mars, has put all the songs up on this website where you can stream them for free. Just go there (go on, do it) and then click on the images of either of our shows and you'll be able to listen to all the music from them.

This is great news for all of you because all the tracks are seriously brilliant. We've been ...

Radio City.....

Helen and Jon went up the Radio City tower in Liverpool for an interview with that geezer who used to be on Brookside. Just the best view of the city...
Radio City.... from Unlimited Theatre on Vimeo.

Back in the room.....

Back in the room.... from Unlimited Theatre on Vimeo.

Great review in the daily paper in Newcastle. Nice...

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