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Who's the show for? People who like to read on digital devices. People who like to read playscripts and are looking for a more immersive experience.

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Unlimited in collaboration with Storythings and the Product Research Studio at the University of Dundee.

Supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts - NestaArts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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Make Some More Noise was one of the first generation of Digital R&D Fund for the Arts supported projects, which saw Unlimited team up with technology partners Storythings and the Product Research Studio at University of Dundee.  Together we tested how emerging behaviours around mobile reading devices and technologies could help the performing/live arts to create new forms of digital storytelling based on the live experience.

In January 2014 we launched a prototype of UNeditions, a new platform which creates digital playscripts for mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop computers.


More than filming a show or publishing a traditional playscript ever could, we want to offer people a beautiful take-home experience – to create a sort of digital bottle that includes the sound, lighting, atmosphere that we handcraft (using technology) that people can then open at home. A gift.

Playscripts on UNeditions are able to include elements of a live performance (lighting and sound) and the project also takes a bold new approach to text layout to create a rich theatrical reading experience.

The prototype has been built for our most recent show “The Noise”, and can be viewed free of charge from any web browser.

In future other plays, including Where From Here by the brilliant Third Angel, will be published using the new digital format.

Jon says: “This project is a sincere, rigorous wondering about how we – as theatre makers and as a wider arts community – can better transpose the stories we’re telling to other mediums. I’m excited by the potential that our digital playscript has to allow existing audiences to deepen their understanding of the work we make, and also, importantly, open our and our sector’s work up to a much wider range of people.”

The platform will be developed, with playwrights and theatre companies able to self-publish their own digital playscripts and distribute them through an online library of digital plays.

UNeditions has been developed in partnership with technology partner Storythings, researchers from the Product Design Research Studio, University of Dundee and a group of 20 people including theatre-goers in Leeds.

The Digital R&D Fund for the Arts is a £7million fund to support collaboration between organisations with arts projects, technology providers, and researchers. It is a partnership between Arts Council England, Arts and Humanities Research Council, and Nesta.


For our research process, we recruited a ‘Community Lab’: a group of 20 participants from West Yorkshire, who worked with us through a series of open-source ‘co-design’ workshops that see the potential users of the technology involved at every step of the design process.  Together we explored what opportunities tablet devices can offer artists and audiences to create immersive and theatrical reading experiences.

Read about the experience of our Community Lab here and here and here.

Plus NESTA’s digital magazine Native has a really interesting write-up of one of the workshops from the process.

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What happens in my imagination...

We're in the process (with our research partner Professor Jon Rogers) of writing and designing  a book that documents how we made the UNeditions platform - a new way of publishing play scripts that incorporates sound and lighting design. The following is a very lovely piece that Clare has written for the book about how she imagines when reading...

Reading a play is different to seeing it: It’s an obvious thing to note, but sometimes it’s useful to state the obvious, if only as a starting point. As a playwright ...

Make Some More Noise - Rachel K


We've just completed the second workshop on our Make Some More Noise project. One of the people working with us to design a new, digital way to publish playscripts is Rachel and she wrote the following about her experience of the first workshop.  This was originally published on her own blog which is full of smart thinking and good writing so you should totally head over there.



So last week I had my first session as part ...

Make Some More Noise

digital adventures in storytelling.

This summer we're running an exciting, new project and we’re inviting you to be a big part of it.

Working with technology company Storythings and the University of Dundee’s Product Research Studio, Unlimited are exploring new ways of publishing plays and stories using digital devices such as iPads, Kindles and Galaxies. You can read more about the project here.

Join Our Community Lab
We are inviting interested people who can commit to a series of workshops to make up ...

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