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Performances: No current performances

Duration: 70 mins

For ages: 7+

Who's the show for? Young people aged 7+ (and their friends and families) who want to understand more about how money and our financial systems work AND HAVE FUN

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Supported by Arts Council England, Made in Scotland and Leeds Inspired

Co-commissioned by ARC Stockton Arts Centre

Produced by Unlimited Theatre

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

Written and directed by: Clare Duffy Performed by: Tessa Parr (Queenie) and Stuart Ryan (TooMuch) Designer: Rhys Jarman Lighting Designer: Tim Skelly Sound Designer: Ed Clarke Original Music by: David Edwards 'Money Song' Composer: David Maxwell Production Management by: Graeme Nixon Stage Management by: Simon Perkins Costume Supervisor: Katy Lonsdale Production Assistant: Ariane Nixon Set Construction: Phil Eddols

What is money? Did you know you can make it with the power of your imagination?

Play Dough was the game show where you got to play with some serious dough – £10,000 in real pound coins!

Our hosts Queenie and TooMuch led you through a series of fun, high-energy games while telling you everything they know about how money really works.

You couldn’t take the cash home with you – but if your team won, you got to decide the end of the story.

Play Dough was a playfully interactive show about the value of money, for young people aged 7+ and their families.

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**** ...balances a difficult subject in a manner which hopefully opens the eyes of parents and children alike

- The Scotsman

A fantastic show! We teach economics and found this a great way of getting kids discussing ideas about money.

- Kati, teacher, Edinburgh

I loved it!! The games throughout were amazing. I loved the characters, they really added to the excitement.

- Matthew, aged 10

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Play Dough - one week in

We’re one week into our run of Play Dough at the Edinburgh Fringe.  So far, we’re having a great time at our home at Northern Stage at King’s Hall, and our audiences seem to be sharing the sentiment.


We’ve had loads of kids on stage blowing bubbles, bursting balloons and shoveling handfuls of pound coins into their team’s funds.  It’s great fun to watch and see audiences really get behind their team’s players. Plus it seems like the audiences are also learning loads about money and how ...

Edinburgh Festival Twitter Takeover


My name’s Christie.

I’m new here at Unlimited Theatre.  I’m currently two months into a six month Fellowship as the Assistant Producer through the BBC Performing Arts Fund.

What that means is, I act as an extra pair of hands for (mainly) Ric, doing all things Producing, and I learn loads from doing it.  I also get support and advice from the company on my own project(s). It’s brilliant.

For the next month I’ll be in Edinburgh, to assist on the company’s new show Play ...

Play Dough in Edinburgh - we need your help!


We're taking a new show to Edinburgh this year. It's called Play Dough and is a remix for families and children (7+) of our hit show MONEY the game show, and it's going to be great. Have a look at the Play Dough page for more info.

So, we're wondering if anyone already heading up to Edinburgh this summer would like to give us a hand with things like marketing, audience evaluation and advocating for the Your Pound On Stage scheme. Any amount of time you can give would be useful, so ...

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