Show dates: Thurs 18 October, 7pm - 10pm (doors 6.30pm)

Performances: One off special event for the Manchester Science Festival

Duration: Rolling duration, with keynote performances.

For ages: 16+

Who's the show for? Anyone interested in the science of human enhancement and its impact on the future of humanity.

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Science Museum, London

March 25, 2015

March 27, 2015

March 28, 2015

March 29, 2015

Science and Industry Museum. Manchester

October 18, 2018

Unlimited Theatre in collaboration with Manchester Science Festival

Produced by Unlimited Theatre and Manchester Science Festival

Full credits for everyone involved in this show

Conceived and Directed by Jon Spooner Original UNET artwork designed by Rhys Jarman Production Management by Ellie Carter of SGA Productions Associate Producer Philippa Neels Audio Visuals by People Staring

Welcome to the world of tomorrow where fantastical start-up firm Unlimited Enhancement Technologies will help you upgrade your operating system and indulge your inner Iron (hu)Man.

Test the limits of human enhancement by checking out high-tech prosthetics and see how virtual reality is revolutionising medicine.

We’ll be interviewing some of the UK’s leading scientists and researchers in the field of human enhancement in a futuristic, science-inspired mash up of the Graham Norton Show meets Top of the Pops. You might also come face to face with a real life cyborg as for one night only the museum hosts a biohacking bash where science fiction and science fact collide.

Line Up

Manel Munoz is a Catalan perceptual artist based in Barcelona who has a ‘cybernetic sensory organ’ that allows him to feel changes in atmospheric pressure in his body.

Jenova Rain – is a body piercer and modifier who will be demonstrating   her work performing implants of microchips on humans.

Rebecca De Cadorette – a blackwork tattoo artist and former biologist at  with a particular interest in human evolution and futurology. DC will be finishing a newly commissioned piece of body art live over the course of the evening, inspired by the theme os human enhancement.

Tilly Lockey is a 12 year old girl who lost both her arms after contracting meningitis aged 15 months. In 2017 she was fitted with a pair of 3D printed “Hero Arms” from Open Bionics.

Katbrownsugar is a Manchester musician, DJ & radio host. Kat will be spinning futuristic, neo-soulful  R&B + hip hop beats throughout the evening.

Kia Nazarpour is a Reader in Biomedical Engineering at Newcastle University’s School of Engineering – his current research is developing an ‘intuitive’ hand that can “react without thinking”. And you can play against it at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ghislaine Boddington is an artist, curator and director specialising in future human, body responsive and immersive experiences. The creative director of design collective body>data>space and reader in digital immersion at the University of Greenwich, Ghislaine will be speaking about the future of the body – specifically with reference to implants, intimacy and data.

Lepht Anonym is a faceless, genderless British biohacker. Lepht will be talking about their experience of hacking themselves with various implants.

University of Manchester’s Nanomedicine Lab will be demonstrating some of their nano-gadgets and nano-exhibits being used in the fight against diseases including Parkinsons and cancer.

James Young is a double amputee who worked with Japanese gaming giant Konami to personally design and develop his own advanced bionic arm – earning himself the nickname Metal Gear Man.

Professor Andy Miah – Chair in Science Communication & Future Media, in the School of Environment & Life Sciences, University of Salford, Manchester. Andy’s research discusses the intersections of art, ethics, technology and culture.

University of Salford Human Movement Technologies Research Group will allow you to “hack the researcher” and control their movements using Functional Electrical Stimulation electrodes.

The University of Leeds Centre for Immersive Technologies  will be exhibiting one of their haptic simulators and VR systems demonstrating how they are using them for science experiments.

Science is the best thing ever!

- Young audience member

Blown away by @untheatre's festival of human enhancement at the @sciencemuseum! Amazing work, guys! #youhavebeenupgraded

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