The Space Shed

In 2010, Unlimited’s artistic director Jon Spooner accidentally set up his own space agency. Based out of his garden shed, the Unlimited Space Agency (UNSA) started as a fun way to tell stories about science to children. UNSA’s early projects had award-winning success, people started to take UNSA seriously and in honesty, he really liked to wear the space suit that came with the job.

Six years later, Jon is working with some of the world’s most prestigious space and science organisations and oh yes, UNSA’s patron is the British astronaut Tim Peake.

So what better way to take our message out into the world than building a mobile replica of UNSA Headquarters (Jon’s shed)…

The Space Shed is fully mobile and weather resistant and designed to travel and be “installed” indoors or outdoors. We’ve built it for installation in fields at festivals, public squares in towns or cities, galleries in museums, stages in theatres or anywhere else you’d like to see it!

You can find out more about The Space Shed on its dedicated website.

The Space Shed as Stage

When The Space Shed “powers on” it awakes and comes to gorgeous, ingenious, impressive life – unfolding and opening up to create a self-contained ‘stage’ with fully integrated sound and lighting. Remember all those scenes from sci-fi films when the flying saucer’s ramp lowers to the ground with smoke rolling out of the now-revealed entrance and a backlit figure in a spacesuit is silhouetted before making their descent to the planet? That.

This is the playing space that we tell our stories from – using video, sound and light designed in collaboration with our regular team of sector leading artists.

New for 2019 will be How To Save The Planet – a show about art, science, the environment and activism. It will use the perspective gained from space travel to highlight the urgent need for us, as a planet, to change our attitude and behaviour towards The Environment and will offer an opportunity for everyone to make an immediate, creative contribution to affect change at a global, political level. And it will also be FUN.

The Space Shed as Sofa

We also host interviews and “fireside chats” in the Space Shed with other artists, scientists and technologists working in space-related fields. So sometimes it will be “more gently open” for these public conversations with interesting people, in order to develop understanding of the work both scientists and artists are doing to get us physically and imaginatively off planet, and further into the universe.

The Space Shed as Disco

Once the sun goes down the Space Shed morphs once again into a late-night disco party, with special guest DJ’s and cool beats to get everyone dancing.